1. Hugh Marsh - Violinvocations Vinyl
  2. Hugh Marsh - Violinvocations Vinyl

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Violinvocations on LP Even if you've never heard of Hugh Marsh you've almost certainly heard the sound of his violin. He's a featured player on soundtracks by Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams, was nominated for a Juno award, recorded with Iggy Pop and The Stooges, and was in the backing band for Bauhaus' Peter Murphy, all a tiny fraction of his decades-long list of credits. The latest addition to that list is Marsh's own Violinvocations, an LP recorded while Marsh lived in L.A. with friend, mentor, and fellow soundbender Jon Hassell. Despite the album's title, one would be hard-pressed to say with certainty whether violin was even involved in this album without being told so ahead of time. In one moment a ghost is heard weeping into a dictaphone; a digitized anime character is nervously chattering in the next; and in still another, jagged sheets of distortion avalanche toward the listener beneath auroric swells of harmony. It's the kind of sound design that requires a dedicated attempt by any Oneohtrixian laptop composer, only it's all being generated by Marsh's violin and his curious cabinet of effects pedals often in just one take.

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A1. I Laid Down In The Snow 6:34
A2. Miku Murmuration 8:10
A3. Thirtysix Hundred Grandview 7:14
A4. The Rain Gambler 4:51
B1. A Beautiful Mistake 3:08
B2. Da Solo Non Solitario 6:13
B3. Across the Aether 4:48
B4. She Will 9:21

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