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Pass Out Of Existence

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Pass Out of Existenceis the debutstudio albumby Americanheavy metalband, Chimaira, released on October 2, 2001. Pass Out of Existence features an altogether different sound when compared to the band's later albums, leaning more towards nu metal rather than the groove metal style featured in later material. Its heavy use of electronics has also been noted.Unlike other Chimaira records,Pass Out of Existence was recorded withseven-string guitarsin Dropped A tuning. It emphasizes programming and sampling and, consequently, has been considered less heavy than Chimaira's following albums.Pass Out of Existence features re-recordings of two songs that were included on the band’s previous release,This Present Darkness, which are “Sphere” and “Painting the White to Grey”. The ROG deluxe 3LP anniversary edition includes demos making their debut on a physical format as well as a previously unreleased live show from Orlando, FL in 2002. Limited to only 1500 individually numbered copies

Side A:

1 Let Go
2 Dead Inside
3 Severed
4 Lumps
5 Pass out of Existence
6 Abeo

Side B:

1 Sp Lit
2 Painting the White to Grey
3 Taste My....
4 Rizzo
5 Sphere

Side C:

1 Forced Life
2 Options
3 Jade (2021 Edit)
4 Without Moral Restraint

Side D:

1 Severed (2021 Remix)
2 Sp Lit (2021 Remix)
3 Painting the White to Grey (2021 Remix)
4 Taste My... (Prev. Unreleased Demo)
5 Fascination Street

Side E:

1 Let it Go (Live Orlando 2002)
2 Lumps (Live Orlando 2002)
3 Severed (Live Orlando 2002)
4 Sp Lit (Live Orlando 2002)

Side F:

1 Silence (Live Orlando 2002)
2 Forced Life (Live Orlando 2002)
3 Dead Inside (Live Orlando 2002)
4 This Present Darkness (Live Orlando 2002)

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