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John Legend


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2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Translucent Tan, Target Exclusive

A1. Rounds
A2. Waterslide
A3. Dope
A4. Strawberry Blush
A5. Guy Like Me
A6. All She Wanna Do
B1. Splash
B2. You
B3. Fate
B4. Love
B5. One Last Dance
B6. All She Wanna Do
C1. Memories
C2. Nervous
C3. Wonder Woman
C4. Honey
C5. I Want You To Know
C6. Speak In Tongues
D1. The Other Ones
D2. Stardust
D3. Pieces
D4. Good
D5. I Don't Love You Like I Used To
D6. Home

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