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Danny Elfman

Big Mess

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4xLP, Dlx, Ltd, Box Vinyl . Disk 1 A1. Sorry 4:53A2. True 4:24A3. In Time 4:27A4. Everybody Loves You 7:05B1. Dance With The Lemurs 4:14B2. Serious...

4xLP, Dlx, Ltd, Box Vinyl

. Disk 1
A1. Sorry 4:53
A2. True 4:24
A3. In Time 4:27
A4. Everybody Loves You 7:05
B1. Dance With The Lemurs 4:14
B2. Serious Ground 5:00
B3. Choose Your Side 4:31
B4. We Belong 3:50
. Disk 2
C1. Happy 4:33
C2. Just A Human 2:46
C3. Devil Take Away 2:49
C4. Love In The Time Of Covid 3:31
C5. Native Intelligence 4:23
D1. Better Times 3:14
D2. Cruel Compensation 3:11
D3. Kick Me 2:12
D4. Get Over It 4:05
D5. Insects 3:10
. Disk 3 Remixes
A1. We Belong (Rafiq Bhatia Remix) 3:38
A2. Serious Ground (Xiu Xiu Remix) 5:15
A3. Happy (33EMYBW Remix) 3:00
A4. Insects (Machine Girl Insecticidal Tendencies Remix) 4:29
A5. In Time (HEALTH Remix) 4:58
B1. Kick Me (Zach Hill Remix) 3:03
B2. Sorry (Kid606 Remix) 6:09
B3. Everybody Loves You (Boris Remix) 5:38
B4. We Belong (Squarepusher Remix) 7:13
. Disk 4 Bonus Remixes & Vocal Features
C1. Kick Me (Zach Hill Remix V2 Zach Plays Drums) 2:19
C2. Insects (Debugged & Refucked Machine Girl Remix) 5:54
C3. Insects (Stu Brooks Remix) 3:53
C4. In Time (It All Falls Down - clipping. Remix) 2:45
D1. True 5:18
D2. Native Intelligence 4:29
D3. Kick Me 2:05
D4. In Time 4:41
D5. We Belong 3:44