1. The Offspring - Greatest Hits Vinyl Vinyl
  2. The Offspring - Greatest Hits Vinyl Vinyl

The Offspring

Greatest Hits

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The Offspring

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Vinyl LP pressing. Greatest Hits compilation from The Offspring is available for the first time on vinyl. Originally released in 2005, it includes the hits, "Come Out and Play," "Gone Away," "Pretty Fly ," and "Original Prankster."

1 Can't Repeat
2 Come Out and Play
3 Self Esteem
4 Gotta Get Away
5 All I Want
6 Gone Away
7 Pretty Fly
8 Why Don't You Get a Job?
9 The Kids Aren't Alright
10 Original Prankster
11 Want You Bad
12 Defy You
13 Hit That
14  Head Around You
15 Next to You

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