1. The Cure - Wish (30th Anniversary Edition) (syeor) (2LP) Vinyl Vinyl

The Cure

Wish (30th Anniversary Edition) (syeor) (2LP)

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The Cure

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Rhino Records' Start Your Ear Off Right campaign for 2023 sees this classic Cure record remastered & re-released for the 30th anniversary.

Wish released in April 1992 was The Cure’s 9th studio album and reached Number 1 in the UK Album Chart on its release. It also reached Number 2 in the USA, where it was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Alternative Music Album category. The first single to be released from the album, “High” was released in March 1992 and reached #8 in the UK Singles chart, but the album is probably best known for the 2nd single, “Friday I’m In Love” which reached #6 in May 1992. The 3rd and final single from the album was “A Letter To Elise” which peaked at #28 in October 1992. The Original 1992 album remastered by Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road.

2 Vinyl LPs - Remastered

1.1 Open (2022 Remaster) 1.2 High (2022 Remaster) 1.3 Apart (2022 Remaster) 2.1 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (2022 Remaster) 2.2 Wendy Time (2022 Remaster) 2.3 Doing the Unstuck (2022 Remaster) 3.1 Friday I'm in Love (2022 Remaster) 3.2 Trust (2022 Remaster) 3.3 A Letter to Elise (2022 Remaster) 4.1 Cut (2022 Remaster) 4.2 To Wish Impossible Things (2022 Remaster) 4.3 End (2022 Remaster)

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 01/27/2023

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