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  2. Motörhead - We Are Motörhead Vinyl Vinyl


We Are Motörhead

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Marking their 15th studio album, We Are Motörhead features a cover of the Sex Pistols song ‘God Save The Queen’ for which the band recorded a video atop an open top London Routemaster bus. The album indicates the bands grimy attitude and is tight, blistering and typical of their long established sound, and will be available as green vinyl.

Side A:

1 See Me Burning
2 Slow Dance
3 Stay Out of Jail
4 God Save the Queen
5 Out to Lunch
6 Wake the Dead
7 One More Fucking Time
8 Stagefreight / Crash & Burn
9 (Wearing Your) Heart on Your Sleeve
10 We Are Motörhead

Side B:

1 Wake the Dead
2 One More Fucking Time
3 Stagefreight / Crash & Burn
4 (Wearing Your) Heart on Your Sleeve
5 We Are Motörhead

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