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Yellow Gold Vinyl (Limited to 100 Copies)

Written over the past few years, “Heavenly” is the first proper EP from Rio Grande Valley, TX alternative/shoegaze band, Glare. Over the years, Glare has managed to iterate and build upon their heavy, shoegaze sound heard on previous singles like ‘Into You’ and ‘Void In Blue’. On their newest recordings, the band has toned in on their songwriting structure and rhythm, while being heavily influenced by classic bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins.

“Heavenly” is full of love, loneliness and anger. While these emotions vary from each other, Glare is able to communicate them all consistently on “Heavenly”. The EP is full of beautiful noise, swooping guitars and lush vocal patterns that flow seamlessly on each song. “Bloom” opens with a burst of a guitar note/drums and endearment with the repeating words, “Your smile blooms one on me” while “Ghastly” closes the EP with a haunting guitar, drums and bleakness on the current state of the world.

Track Listing:
01. Bloom
02. Floating
03. Soft
04. Heavenly
05. Ghastly

The Deathwish Exclusive on Yellow Gold Vinyl is limited to 100 copies.


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