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Trespass was the beginning of Genesis' journey into progressive rock. The band's sophomore album, released on Oct. 23, 1970, offered the first hints at where Genesis would go, as they began to move away from their debut's more pop-oriented feel. In its place was growing a newfound focus on balancing bucolic, folk-based sounds with more direct rock attitude, writes somethingelsereviews.com

The album also marked the arrival of cover artist Paul Whitehead, who slashed his own portrait in honor of "The Knife," a standout moment here. Whitehead would also handle the covers for 1971's Nursery Cryme and 1972's Foxtrot. By then, however, co-founding guitarist Anthony Phillips had departed, not long after drummer John Mayhew — adding to the sense that Trespass was nothing more than a transitional moment, a precursor.

That's not the way it started out, however. Genesis entered the studio to record the project in the summer of 1970 having hammered themselves into shape with a merciless touring schedule. Playing almost nightly, a sound — something finally that was unique to the group, which also featured Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford — was beginning to emerge.

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