1. Fountains of Wayne - Out-of-state Plates Vinyl Vinyl
  2. Fountains of Wayne - Out-of-state Plates Vinyl Vinyl

Fountains of Wayne

state Plates

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Fountains of Wayne

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Gatefold LP Jacket

Led by the scintillating songwriting team of Chris Collingwood and the late, great Adam Schlesinger, power pop maestros Fountains of Wayne put out a number of absolutely brilliant albums, of which we at Real Gone Music have been fortunate so far to reissue two, Welcome Interstate Managers and Traffic and Weather. But of all the great records released by this New York-area band, this one, the 2005 odds ‘n’ ends 2-CD set Out-of-State Plates, remained reportedly among the closest to the heart of Schlesinger, who died tragically of COVID in 2020. A mixture of demos, B-sides, live performances, and unreleased tracks , it’s an always entertaining, often hilarious, and never less than tuneful romp through about a decade’s worth of recordings, all wittily annotated by Collingwood and Schlesinger. Covers both heartfelt and tongue-in-cheek and holiday fare lie alongside such B-side gems as “Baby I’ve Changed” and “I’ll Do the Driving” and a live “She’s Got a Problem.” For its vinyl debut, we’ve created a fetching gatefold featuring the duo’s commentary inside, and pressed this 2-LP set in “Junkyard Swirl” vinyl to match the cover photo. Rummage around the collective psyche of one of the greatest indie rock acts of the last 30 years!

Side A
1 Number 45 Sunblock
2 Maureen
3 California Sex Lawyer
4 Janice's Party
5 Karpet King
6 Baby I've Changed
7 I Know You Well
8 You're Just Never Satisfied
9 I'll Do the Driving
10 Nightlight
11 I Want You Around
12 Trains and Boats and Planes
13 Places
14 Can't Get It Out of My Head

Side B
1 City Folk Morning
2 The Girl I Can't Forget
3 Baby One More Time
4 Elevator Up
5 Comedienne
6 Kid Gloves
7 Today's Teardrops
8 She's Got a Problem
9 These Days
10 I Want An Alien for Christmas
11 The Man in the Santa Suit
12 Chanukah Under the Stars
13 Killermont Street
14 Half a Woman
15 Small Favors
16 Imperia"

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