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Flogging Molly

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Anthem is Flogging Molly's first album since 2017's Life Is Good. Anthem is the band's seventh studio album and sees them reuniting with Steve Albini, who mixed their 2000 album, Swagger. Frontman Dave King states, "With this record we went back to the basics in a way that I don't think we could have done if we hadn't been playing together for over 20 years. I think going back to Chicago and doing this record with Steve made the experience so fun and I really believe you can hear that on the record."

Side A
1 These Times Have Got Me Drinking / Tripping Up the Stairs
2 A Song of Liberty
3 Life Begins and Ends
4 No Last Goodbyes
5 The Croppy Boy '98
6 This Road of Mine

Side B
1  Keep the Man Down
2 Now Is the Time
3 Lead the Way
4 These Are the Days
5 The Parting Wave

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